Barn Storming - Part 2

We've mentioned before how much we enjoyed browsing Tony Caramanico's collection of carefully stored and much loved surfboards. 

In this follow up, Tony shares the stories of three more selects from his incredible hoard: a 1968 Weber Ski, a replica of the McTavish board that started the shortboard revolution in 1967, and a truly priceless Rick Rasmussen gun, hand shaped by the legend himself for Tony to take on a trip to Java. 

The Weber Ski

In Tony's words: "This board was shaped in 1968. It was from a collaboration between Dewey Weber and world champion Nat Young. Nat rode this model in Hawaii and was featured riding one on the cover of Surfer magazine.  It has a very early fin box with an original plastic (not fiberglass) fin."  When he acquired the board in near perfect condition in Montauk, several years back, the deck still had the original thin coat of wax. 

Plastic Fantastic

"This is the surfboard revolution starter," Tony mused.  "The design is called 'The Plastic Fantastic Machine'. It was built in 1967 and is credited with being the first shortboard! I purchased this replica from Bob in 2014, one of seven built.  With the full v-bottom, wide tail and deep-sweeping George Greenough-inspired fin it was was a huge step forward in design.  A definite icon."

You can imagine our surprise when we turned this thing on its side and took a look at that tail. It might be a replica, but this thing aches with original design thinking and exquisite craftsmanship. It may never get ridden, a sacrifice for a greater good. 

Javan Juice

"This is the last board Ricky made for me before he died," Tony said.  "It holds lasting memories for me. I rode it in an Andy Warhol video shot here in Montauk around 1982. In 2015 this board was exhibited in the 'Surf Craft' show curated by surf historian Richard Kevin here in NY." 

Like the class act he was, Rasmussen wasn't satisfied with offering Tony just one board for a trip to a heavy reef break on the other side of the world. He took the time to knock up an equally spectacular matching twin. Rasmussen was truly a man of no half measures. 

Many thanks again to Tony for sharing these incredible boards with us. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Words by Ed Thompson

Photographs by Julien Roubinet